Make Your Own!

the basic ingredients of orgonite are catalyzed fiberglass/polyester resin, metal shavings/filings, and quartz crystals. You can add your own organic and inorganic layers in a 50/50 ratio to that foundation. Let your creativity flow!

2 thoughts on “Make Your Own!

  1. Ivan March 16, 2018 / 12:52 pm

    Hello Dave Molidor.

    Greetings from western europe greetings from the netherlands from the city of Amsterdam.

    I have been trying to contact you for a long time. But I could not find your email.

    I Will make it short. I am Ivan I am 42 years old and father of two twin boys of 13 years old.

    I am a targeted individual. Targeted by the dutch government the dutch intelligence and targeted by the royal dutch family and targeted by the freemasons and illuminati here in Europe in the netherlands. Targeted by the garbage. Thats how I call them. Yes and THEY LIVE TOO. Just like the movie THEY LIVE. With Roddy Piper. It is True. It is real.

    This happened two years ago when I started to make orgonite towerbusters. I gifted my whole city where I live with towerbusters. I gifted cell phone towers as much as possibble. I now live in zwolle in the eastern part of the netherlands close to the german border. I moved away from Amsterdam but I still work there.

    Please contact me for there are other orgon Warriors like me scattered all over europe.

    We must unite. We must try to form some kind of Jedi Council. We must unite all orgon Warriors. Please for goodness sake for Earth our Mother. For the universe our Father.

    Use sea salt in your orgonite. Put pure Sea Salt in your orgonites. 100% pure Salt. SEE what happens. This came from constitution lost orgonite. They have put Mehrzad Malekzadeh aka constitution lost ( youtube ) in jail. Some where in Arizona. He Got 10 years in prison. Your u.s. government framed him. He is innocent.

    Contact me Dave. I am working on my New piramide mold project. I have finished it. The mold is 40 cm high. 60 cm bottom. It can tontain 30 liter RESIN. I can send you pictures via email. I think Mother earth told me that I must make it. So I made it. It is a heavy piramide mold. There is no mold on this World like this. Only the mold wayes 10 kg. The square that holds the mold upside down 2 kg. I made it from Hardox steel. 5 MM thik.

    I am a construction engineer and welder. I have 12 degrees ( the maximum ) in welding. 22 years experiance. I can make a fucking U boat if I want. Sorry for my language. I am angry because they spray with chemtrails every day here. They are poisoning us. Thats why I made a super size piramide mold. I am ging to destroy them. I am not kidding!

    Help me. Contact me. Lets work together.

    United we stand. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expert us!



    • davemolidor September 20, 2018 / 4:38 pm

      Ivan, have we traded emails? I think we have. Thanks for the tip on sea salt, I’ve been using Himalayan sea salt and can tell it interacts well with the other powders!


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