ETSY store is open! Ready to take orders!

We sell orgonite pieces at very reasonable prices. Orgonized Earth was started because the goal is to have the project fund itself. The more pieces circulating around the planet, the more light, love and healing energy we bring to the Earth plane. Radiation and cancerous negative orgone- or etheric- energy keeps us vibrating at low levels, below our natural divine state. The Earth herself is being polluted with this dis-orgonized negative energy at a staggering rate. With orgonite, we are absolutely transmuting these energies from negative into positive.

Orgonized Earth sells pocket protectors, small and large tower-busters, holy hand-grenades, orgone stars, orgone pyramids, charging plates, small hearts, small positive signs,  and discounted family packs. Phone dock Orgone generators are in process.

We can purify our planet to it’s natural pristine state! We are the change we want to see in the world.

Visit our store and stay tuned. Much love!


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