Lots in store coming to the etsy shop (TheOrgonizedEarth.com). More Chembusters, more pendants with unique shapes, and more protection from EMF and the transmutation of deadly orgone radiation to positive orgone energy. I just ordered two books that I cannot wait to read: “Sacred Sonoma: Sacred Sites and Alignments in Sonoma County, California” and Dowin Gardner’s “The Science Of Rain: Where Imagination Prevails”. I am fully committed to learning more about how to convert our drought and negative energy into rain and positive life force energy. I will be learning all about the sacred sites and ley lines in my county, so I can grid them with Towerbusters and plug in my Chembuster into the ground there to channel the sacred Gaia energies. I will also be learning how to make “Tensor Rings” and studying the work of Slim Spurling and Brian Besco. I will be including the Tensor Rings in my large pyramids and I will also be creating the most powerful Chembuster pyramid yet: ALL metal matrix (opaque) plus the Earth Pipes and Tensor Ring. The parasites want to keep trying to infect us with negativity? We will fight back and we will win. Keep checking my posts on raising the consciousness of the community on instagram at @TheOrgonizedEarth and for the latest shop updates you know where to go. Let’s orgonize Earth!

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